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Teenagers Club

Newly established by the Foundation, the Teenager Club aims to be a resource for teenaged orphans to teach them how to become independent and take responsibility for their actions. It is particularly essential for kids in orphanages because all decisions are made for them there.

Teenagers Club
About program

Adolescence is not an easy time, and it’s still harder for orphaned children who, deprived of parental love and care, are practically unable to adapt in the family or integrate into society. The Teenager Club brings kids together, supporting their self-driven development and providing life skills, such as risk assessment, decision-making and networking skills. The Club is managed by a foster mother and an experienced tutor. She carefully guides the children, at the same time giving them freedom to come up with their own ideas: what film to watch, what master class to hold, where to go out and so on. Such attitude teaches teens to make decisions, bear responsibility, and develops their networking skills.

Many teenaged club members are engaged in volunteering, and it’s up to them to decide what groups they would like to help: disabled children, single elderly persons, eco-activists or stray animals.