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The “Teenager” Club

This club has recently started working at our Foundation. We want to teach teenagers to be independent and to instill in them responsibility for their decisions. It is especially important for foster children, because the orphan system makes all decisions for them.

The “Teenager” Club
About program

The teenage period is difficult in itself, but for a foster child, it is even more complicated. Teenagers, who spent their childhood in an orphanage, are even more difficult to adapt in the family and society. The “Teenager” Club was created to bring them together, to teach them to be independent, to make decisions, to get along with other people.

The Club is governed by a foster mother and an experienced tutor. She guides the children, but the children themselves propose the ideas: what kind of film to watch, what kind of master class to hold for each other, where to go all together. Such an approach teaches them to make decisions, to bear responsibility, and generates an interest in spending time together.

Teenagers are engaged in volunteer activities. But, in particular, they choose on their own whom to help: homeless animals, sick children and so on.