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Public Awareness

Our Foundation strives to debunk the common myths of orphans, orphanages and foster care. We publish books which tell real-life stories of orphaned children, foster and adoptive families. We give lectures on orphanhood issues, we publish information in the mass media on the problems of adoption and foster care, we conduct conferences and workshops, and that’s a lot to bring these burning issues to the attention of the public. We call this Education program.

Public Awareness
Program results
100 000
is the aggregate circulation of the books published with support of the Foundation
20 000+
books donated to foster parents and to those who were going to adopt a child, as well as to family-raising specialists
100 000
people plunged into the problem of orphanhood thanks to our books
About program

The Education Program is led by Diana Mashkova, a writer, a columnist, an adoptive parent and the founder of our Family Club. With the Foundation’s support, Diana’s several books have been published. Her novel “ If You Hadn’t Been There” was published in 2014 and became the first book about adoption in Russia based on real events. In 2016, her new book, “the Caravan of Happy Stories’, a journalistic project that brought together the stories of foster parents and guardians, was published. This was followed by “Other People’s Children” in 2017, a work of fiction depicting the destinies of real orphaned teenagers and their integration into the family.

This year, on the initiative of our Foundation and with its support, Katie Glass’s “Will You Love Me?” has been published. Katie is a well-known English author and a professional foster mother. Beyond that, Diana Mashkova and other people on the Foundation staff give lectures on orphanhood issues, publish articles in the mass media on the problems of adoption and foster care, conduct thematic workshops in offline and online environments.