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The ABC of Good’ s School for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Those who are planning to become foster or adoptive parents shall take a course at our School. The course is conducted by a professional psychologist and an experienced foster/adoptive parent, and mainly focuses on training foster/adoptive parents for teenaged orphans. The essential feature of the course is that former orphaned adolescents participate in the training sessions, giving potential parents the opportunity to take a close look at the underlying causes of possible conflict.

The ABC of Good’ s School for Foster and Adoptive Parents
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101 graduates of the School
graduates of the School
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About program

At our school, apart from group studies, there are individual consultations conducted. Not only candidates for foster parents, but also their relatives can attend them. School psychologists pay special attention to preparing for adoption of a foster child of kin children, grandparents and other family members. They prepare the whole family for the adaptation period. The work of specialists is aimed at making the choice of foster families more conscious and final.

Already at the training stage, all candidates can attend the ABC of the Foster Family Club, where one can get acquainted with experienced foster parents and their children, learn about their experience, and get support.

The participation in the fate of the foster family does not end with the issuance of the certificate. We help the candidates get acquainted with the child, taking into account the family resources, and pass the adaptation and the various stages of the child’s growing-up as smoothly as possible. If they have any questions, the parents can contact our “Always Around” Consultation Center.

Providing such support, we solve an important task - to prevent the child from returning to the orphan system. Our goal is to assist in building up strong, trust-based relations in foster families.