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Counselling Center ‘Always Around’

The center conducts master classes, workshops, webinars and training sessions with psychologists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, kinesiologists and other specialists for foster and adoptive parents to help them through different periods of their children’s growing up.

Counselling Center ‘Always Around’
Program results
consultations were conducted by the specialists
peer-to-peer consultations
family-raising specialists were trained in the regions
About program

The Center focuses on the intricacies of foster/adoptive parents and children’s contact and interaction so that they could learn and master the skills they will need in creating a successful family. The center employs psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, kinesiologists and other specialists who can help foster or adoptive parents to make a decision, assess risks and resources. They conduct master classes, therapeutic group sessions, parent-child training sessions to prepare candidates for foster or adoptive parenthood. There are also special classes
for children and teenagers.
Besides, candidates for foster or adoptive parents take part in the events of the Foster and Adoptive Family Club which center around foster care and adoption issues and are fun for both children and grown-ups. This year, we are planning to launch a pilot program entitled ‘Professionally Oriented Family’. The program implies searching and giving support to families who would host orphaned children on a temporary basis until a permanent home has been found for them. These families will also host ‘difficult cases’ : children with special needs, adolescents with behavioural problems, siblings, etc.