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Two Captains

Training of the mentors for fosterlings and graduates of the orphanages of Arkhangelsk Region

About program


Every child needs a meaningful adult, from whom an example can be taken and who will support in a difficult situation. For children in a family, this role is played by the parent. For a child in an orphanage, such a person can be a mentor.

The Foundation Arifmetika Dobra have developed its own methodology for training mentors and conduct training seminars for psychologists, teachers and specialists, who work with graduates of orphanages in the regions.

We called this project “Two Captains”, meaning that every adult, after passing various trials of life, can call himself the captain of his own destiny. Standing next to a young man, who has just entered upon the path of independence, an adult can set the right direction and provide support. Thus a new destiny is born; a new captain takes the helm of his life.

Objectives of the Program:

- to provide social adaptation and awareness of the professional opportunities of the fosterlings on the basis of their inclusion in tutorial pairs;

- to generate positive models of relations for the mentors and fosterlings, train them in constructive ways of interacting with each other;

- to set up a regional professional community that trains and supports tutorial pairs, spreads the technology further;

Our project focuses on the long-term interaction of the mentors and their fosterlings - at least 1 year. It is important to continue the relations even after graduation from the children’s institution - the presence of a permanent older friend will serve a reliable support in life.

The project includes as follows:  

  1. Selection and training of mentors, coaches and advisors of tutorial pairs. Search for mentors and organizations - project implementation partners.
  2. One of the objectives of the mentors is to make the fosterlings familiar with the working conditions at their enterprises, the requirements to the employees, the peculiarities of the professions presented, their mastering conditions and the training locations. For this purpose, excursions to enterprises, meetings with interesting people and visits of Doors Open Day in the regional educational institutions are planned.
  3. Preparation for mentorship for fosterlings and graduates of organizations for children left without parental care. Developmentof a conceptofameaningful adult.
  4. Formation of tutorial pairs. Holding events for acquaintance and interaction of the tutorial pairs.
  5. Regular accompanying of the tutorial pairs. Reduction of anxiety, assistance in settlement of conflicts.
  6. Summing up the project. Awarding with the title of "The Captain of his Destiny”

The project result will be a generated idea of healthy and conscious relations with meaningful people for 50 teenagers. Young people will learn to trust adults; their network of contacts will be expanded.

The local community will test the mentorship technology and will receive additional resources to accompany children and teenagers in difficult life situation.