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Finding Mentors

In orphanages throughout Russia, 80% of fosterlings are teenagers. Grown-up children have a little chance to get into a foster family. And our task is to help them adapt to responsible life after graduation. The Foundation trains mentors for fosterlings and graduates of orphanages in Moscow and in the regions.

Program results
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About program

To feel affection, to be necessary and loved are very important needs for each person, and especially for a child. Orphans do not have significant adults to whom they are really dear. Moreover, it is not easy to meet such a person, when you live in the confined space of an orphanage. In order to help, professional mentorship for fosterlings or graduates of the orphanage was invented.

A mentor is a senior reliable friend who helps with advice and deed, spends time with the child, and asks him/her over. For a child, it is important that a person communicates with him, not because it is his work, but because he, the child, is important and interesting to someone. In such relations, children begin showing an interest in life, in learning, making plans for the future.

Now there are many caring adults who, for various reasons, are not ready to accept a foster child into their family, but want to do something good for children with a difficult fate. And the most correct choice in this case is to become a friend of an orphaned child. After all, when we feel sad and lonely, we, first of all, want warmth and participation, not entertainment.

If you wish to become a mentor for an orphanage fosterling, fill in the questionnaire. We will be glad to accept you into the mentor team.