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Finding Mentors

The number of teenaged orphans who are inmates of boarding institutions in Russia comes up to 80 %. They have little chance to be adopted or fostered. And this is our task to help them adapt and integrate into society, to live a responsible life after graduation. In view of the importance of this issue, our Foundation trains mentors for fosterlings and graduates of orphanages in Moscow and in the regions.

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A sense of bond, feelings of affection and love, significance and belonging are very important needs, especially for a child, that cannot be met in orphanages. Living in a confined space of the orphanage, it’s hard to find a significant adult to whom a child can be really dear. In order to ease the task we provide professional mentorship for orphaned kids.

A mentor is a senior trustful friend who can give advice, who spends quality time with the child and asks them over frequently enough. The point is, mentors socialize with children as adult friends, not as hired personnel, because the child is important and fun to be with. In such relationship, a child starts to show interest in life, in learning, in the future. As it happens, there are quite many concerned adults who, for various reasons, are not ready to adopt or foster a child, yet they do want to do something good for the children with rough starts. Becoming a friend for an orphaned child is the best choice in this situation, for what do we all need in times of trouble, when we are sad and lonely? All we need is some warmth and empathy, not entertainment.

If you wish to become a mentor for an orphanage fosterling, fill in the questionnaire and join in. We will be glad to have you on our team.