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Platform for Online Lessons

Special platform developed by Foundation “Arifmetika Dobra” to conduct online lessons of orphaned children with tutors

Program results
teenage orphaned fosterlings
50 000+
of the platform users
About program

The platform enables running lessons directly in the browser. The teacher and the student communicate in a video chat and in a text chat, write on the interactive whiteboard, can see each other’s monitors and share documents. Also on the platform, the teachers conduct interactive testing, give homework. The previous lessons can be at any time watched in the archive.

All users (teachers, students, program managers and curators in orphanages) see the ratings of the participants and the scores for achievements, accounting of the conducted classes for each teacher, information on the trainings, and so on. The platform has an internal social network with profiles of all users.

The platform automatically creates a weekly timetable based on the schedules of the teachers and students, sends SMS about the transfer, cancellation of lessons and late attendance of the classes. There is a “call manager” button, in case there are technical problems during the lesson or if the teacher is connected and the student is late.

Since this academic year, we have launched a gamification system. For each positive action, the system charges students julits (play money) that can be spent in a special store and can be donated. Thus, we instill in our students a kind attitude towards each other. At the end of the year, the gamification leaders will receive the top prizes.

The Chance platform can be used by other non-for-profit organizations.