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Education can be considered one of the so called social elevator, which define our future. That is why we help orphans to pass final exams, choose their future profession and make it into college or a training school.

Online education
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We organize private learning for foster children of ages 13 to 17 living at orphanages. Most of them live in far regions and for them it is almost the only  opportunity to improve their knowledge. We aim at helping them prepare for state exams (EGE and OGE). The pupils choose one or several disciplines at their discretion. The curator draws up an individual curriculum for each pupil.

The average mark of the pupils grows from 3,6 to 4 after 3 years of such learning.

Chance means a longstanding  scheduled and individual learning. Private teachers are not overlaid by stereotypes towards the orphan’s personality. They do not know his/her story. This allows a child to start learning with a clean slate. It also raises the children’s self-confidence, credence to the adults and improves their communication skills.