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Summer Camp and Marathons

Supporting activities for orphans’ socialisation are run by the charity all year round. In the summer, we conduct a special event - The Summer Campus, which is a final training stage of the Chance program. It also encourages our graduates to take part in sporting events like marathons.

About program

The Summer Educational Campus is a major event both we and our curated students look forward to. That’s when they get immersed in a super- intensive 8-day course of training which includes budget planning, professional motivation, and effective communication. The Campus participants are selected on the basis of their proper attendance of developmental training sessions, learning efforts and involvement in other activities of the Foundation. The Educational campus inspires the kids’ further personal and professional growth.
Besides all of the above, the Chance program graduates can take part in the Moscow Marathon event. These are the children who do well academically and play sports. They mainly come from the country’s different regions. Participating in the Marathon is another way to build up the orphaned children’s motivation for success.