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Teaching Orphaned Children

Our charity’s Chance program is a program of integrated schooling and training for teenaged orphans with the help of professional tutors. Commonly excluded from the opportunity, orphaned youngsters are given a chance to be eligible to enter university or take a vocational training course. Our tutors can find a key to every child by personalising their approaches to students and inspiring their interest in learning. On-line classes taught in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere do wonders: kids start to believe in themselves, and feel confident enough to catch a dream: to become a vet, a chemist, a doctor, a physicist, you name it. The Foundation keeps on giving assistance and support to students after they have left school too.

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The majority of orphanage fosterlings are teenagers. Since there are only few foster parents, who are ready to adopt grown-up children, they will get into adult life from the orphanage system and will face problems that they do not know how to solve.

The skills that are commonplace for a home child are difficult to get in an orphanage. For the orphans, decisions are always made by somebody else, that’s why they can hardly adjust to the responsible life after graduation: they cannot cook dinner, plan a budget and choose a profession. We have created the Chance Program to help children, who did not have a home and parental example, adjust to the adult life.

It is very important for graduates of orphanages to get a good education - this is a real way to change their lives for the better. However, gaps in their knowledge and lack of self-confidence make it difficult to pass exams or even try to do it. To help them get prepared for the Basic State Exam and the Uniform State Exam, we have a distance online training program. It is important to study with orphans on an individual basis: it is the only way to identify what kind of knowledge they lack and what they need to work on. Our tutors conduct 200 lessons every day. If you look at the official data of the Ministry of Education for the last three years, you will see that approximately 17% of orphans enrolled in educational establishments are our fosterlings.

Several times a year, the Foundation's specialists come to the orphanages, where the fosterlings live, to conduct trainings. Children are taught important practical and communication skills that cannot be obtained without a family: how to plan a personal budget, furnish an apartment, choose a profession, pass an interview.

The Chance Program has a complex effect on orphaned children: in addition to improving academic performance and educational results, the children develop skills and abilities that help them adjust to responsible life: self-discipline, time management, setting and achievement of life goals, and communication skills.

We do not abandon our children after graduation, they continue to come to the trainings, if necessary, study with the tutors, and they know that we are always happy to see them in the Foundation and are ready to help and support them.